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Covid-19 Update

A few things have changed since the clinic was open last, these changes have been implemented to minimise the risk and keep everyone as safe as possible. I will outline these changed below, but if you have any questions just let me know and I will be happy to help.

Arrival – Please wait by the gate to the left-hand side of the house at the time of your appointment and I will collect you from there. I will open the gate and the door to the clinic to reduce your contact with these.

Hand Sanitiser - Once inside the clinic I will provide you with hand sanitiser before and after your treatment. I will also use this before and after your appointment and wash my hands thoroughly between clients.

Consent and Screening – I will ask you to fill out a Covid-19 screening form. This is a simple document to record that we are both aware of the risks of close contact treatment.

PPE – I will be wearing a visor so please don’t be surprised. Please bring a facemask or any other PPE that you would like to wear if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Couch Hygiene – These are pretty much the same, I will clean the couch and change the towels as usual. I am not allowed to use a couch cover, so I will use a large towel underneath the paper couch roll (both will be replaced before every client).

Clothes – I have provided a plastic box near the door for you to place your clothes inside. This can be easily wiped down and cleaned ready for the next client.

Payment – I am happy to accept cash or if you prefer, I will provide you with my bank details for a transfer.

After Your Visit – It is recommended that you register for the NHS Track and Trace app to maintain our safety.

Please accept my apologies if it takes longer than usual to get booked in for an appointment, I am leaving more time between clients to allow for extra cleaning and preparation. This means there are less appointment slots available each day.

I look forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon.

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