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Pre & Post Event Massage

Pre & Post event massages are based in the clinic if you are an individual competing in an event, race or match.

If you are a sports team or club I am happy to provide this service for you at your sporting event.

Pre & Post event massages help your body to prepare for an event or recover after an event.

Pre-event massage can improve flexibility & range of motion at joints, increase blood flow warming the muscles. Removing any restrictions, adhesions & tension allows more muscle fibres to be available for recruitment. What this means is that muscles can work more efficiently and can result in an increased stride length for a runner, larger catch phase of swimming stroke for a swimmer/triathlete & a smoother swing for a hockey player or golfer.

Post event massage improves recovery by promoting blood flow to muscles & soft tissue, nutrients are transported to the muscles via blood & waste products are removed. Therefore, this promotes good nutrient exchange which helps to keep your muscles in good condition & recover well.

If your training volume is high, massage is important to prevent any niggles or injuries from escalating resulting in you being unable to train or compete. Maintenance is key if you train & compete/play regularly.

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